An important discovery: cocoa was used by the Indians in New Mexico in the United States

These fragments of vases (see photo) dating from 1100 AD have been analyzed. They were discovered on the site of Pueblo Bonito in the Chaco Canyon in the United States.

Several fragments have shown traces of theobromine. Now at that time the only plant that contained this substance was the cacao tree.

It can therefore be concluded that cocoa was used for making drinks in this southern part of what is now the US, more than 900 hundred years ago.

Of course at this time, the region did not belong to the United States and formed a vast area where different Indian tribes lived and fought each other for control of the land.

But the most extraordinary thing is that the cocoa had been transported more than 2,500 km to be used to make ritual drinks.

Vase Pueblo Bonito