Some recipes for chocolate drinks

A Mayan - Aztec recipe

One of the oldest known recipes, this was created by Francisco Hernandez, physician to King Philip II of Spain.

Here it is:

  • 50 % roast cocoa beans
  • 50 % sapotilla kernels, fruit of the sapotilla tree (ponteria sapota)
  • some corn
  • ear flower (cymbopetalum penduliflorum) or xochinacaztli
  • vanilla or tlilxochitl
  • Mexican pepper or black pepper (piper sanctum) or mecaxochitl
  • honey

and sometimes also

  • achiote
  • chili (capsicum annum)
  • all spice (pimienta dioica)
  • Mexican magnolia (magnolia mexicana) or yolloxochitl

An ancient Spanish recipe

In 1643, Colmenero wrote a small book about chocolate. The museum has a French translation dating from 1644 which makes it the oldest book written about chocolate in French. The recipe mentioned in Colmenero comes from a doctor in the Andalusian town of Marchena.

  • 700 cocoa beans
  • 1.5 pounds of white sugar
  • 2 ounces of cinnamon
  • 14 Mexican peppers called chilis or pimiento
  • 0,5 ounces of cloves
  • 3 small campeche points or 2 reals weight of aniseed
  • 1 large knob of achiote or enough to give it a good colour
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • orange flower water

Recipe for an excellent hot chocolate


  • 750 g of full cream milk
  • 250 g of fresh cream with 35 % butyric acid
  • 250 to 300 g of fondant chocolate
  • Add according to taste: cinnamon, star anis, vanilla


  • heat the milk with the fresh cream
  • add the spices you want and cover the bowl with Clingfilm
  • pour the liquid while it is still hot through a fine sieve onto the finely chopped chocolate
  • mix with a whisk
  • warm before serving

Recipe of St├ęphane Leroux - MOF - Belcolade Belgium.